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Benjamin’s story in Real Estate is a unique one. Born in Germany to a military family, he was constantly relocating. This unusual upbringing gave him an interesting perspective of the world, that has translated to his success working with international clients. As the son of a Colonel, he developed discipline and a strong work ethic at a young age. Excelling in academics and athletics, Benjamin obtained a full ride scholarship to Arizona State University for Football, then later transferred to Washington State University on a Track and Field Scholarship. With a degree in Biological Engineering, he quickly realized that life in a Laboratory was not for him. He then pursued degrees in Finance and Management Operations, and was even accepted to the Harvard School of Business. After school he worked as a Certified Financial Planner until he stumbled upon Real Estate, and quickly fell in love.

Bringing this expertise in wealth management has given Benjamin a distinct advantage, as well as made him a true Advisor to his clients. He is able to outline the full effects, and advantages to his clients financial decisions when buying, selling or investing in Real Estate. Benjamin began his Real Estate career in Washington State, where he ranked in the Top 5% of Realtors in the State. After becoming a Managing Broker, he opened his own shop in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Benjamin is still licensed and operating in both states, but followed his desire to live in the Lone Star state during the COVID-19 Pandemic. He is partnered with his long time friend at the Foundry Group, part of Moreland Properties.